Incoming students are often faced with a decision when coming to college on what computer will fit their needs for the next 4+ years here at CSU. There are on campus resources that allow students access to the Engineering Virtual Classroom (VCL) which can be accessed from one of the engineering lab spaces that are available to students 24/7. Also, ETS has loner laptops that can be reserved for up to 2 weeks at a time. These resources enable students to make it though an engineering undergraduate degree without having to purchase a computer. 

    The discussion of Mac versus Windows is one that many students are having with their parents on what laptop would be best for their degree. There are resources available for engineering students that make both operating systems a viable solution but many programs that students will use in their undergrad education will require a Windows-based operating system. With that being said, we at Engineering Technology Services do not recommend purchasing a Mac because it causes headaches for many students down the road.

    Typically the processor speed is not really a factor when shopping for a laptop for a student and if the processing power is required, we have servers that can handle these big computations. We recommend a laptop with 8+ Gb of ram, an SSD with 256+ Gb of storage space. Please stay away from HDDs because they can boast large storage space but can cause problems with speed and reliability later on.

This is a good recommendation for a laptop that will meet all of the requirements set above. 
This laptop is very likely out of stock and this will be the case with a lot of other models because of the shortage of silicon chips that were produced during the pandemic so please use it as a benchmark that you could base your purchase on. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.