Incoming students are faced with a decision when coming to college on what computer will fit their needs for the next 4+ years here at CSU. The following information may be helpful when making that decision.

ETS provides the following:

              In person computer labs in several on and off campus buildings

              Virtual Classroom environment which is available both on campus and from your home, regardless of where you live

              Loaner laptops and projectors to assist you with projects and presentations


Those resources combined can make it possible to get through the first couple years without a computer; however, we find more professors are requiring students to bring laptops to class and to download software on them to be successful in class.

We recommend students look for a mid-range Windows-based laptop when possible. Chromebooks can present a myriad of issues, Macs won’t run most Engineering software, and a standard desktop doesn’t have the flexibility of a laptop.

These specs can be helpful in your search:

Minimum of 8 GB RAM (memory)

Minimum storage of 256 GB SSD, though we find 500 GB SSD is a better starting point

 Processing power doesn’t need to be a consideration since the larger Engineering programs are located on our servers and will do the work for you.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.