Adobe licensing throughout the University has changed to use Named Licenses which means you must login to Adobe in order to install/use it. If you are eligible, you can install or upgrade Adobe Acrobat yourself. You are allowed to use it on two machines concurrently. We can check for eligibility but, in general, if you are not a student (including grad), Emeritus or a Retiree you can install it. If you do not fall into one of these categories, the easiest way to check if you are eligible is to log into Adobe Creative Cloud with your and select “Work or School account” then using your CSU eid and password sign in (ETS can also check for you). From there you can select to install Adobe. If you are not an admin on the computer or have issues installing it, please let us know and we can help you.

Note that Adobe sometimes changes the layout and/or how things are installed, if you see any discrepancies in these instructions please let us know. 

Instructions to install Acrobat DC:

1. Prior to beginning the install, please uninstall all previous versions of Adobe Acrobat Pro/DC and reboot your machine

2. Make sure you do not open any other programs before and during the install (Adobe will ask you to close them if you do)

3. Point your web browser to and click ‘Sign In’ from the upper right of the webpage

4. Click Sign in at the top right

5. Enter your email and click Continue. Choose "Company or School Account". You will be redirected to the CSU sign on screen, enter your eid and main CSU password (Not your Engineering password)

6. Near the top, you should see Acrobat DC under "Suggested". Click Download. (If you don't see Acrobat DC, go to Apps at the top left of the screen and then it should be on the next screen)

7. Depending on your browser and/or settings it will either ask you where to save it or automatically save it. Find that download and open it

8. Click Continue at the intial screen. Some Windows systems may ask if you want to install it, click Yes. It may redirect you to the browser again to login again with your and then choose "Copmany or School Account" and then the CSU eid screen again. Or it may just start the installation (we are unsure why it does that). 

9. Click "Skip question" on the install screen three times and then Continue

10. It can take a bit to download and install depending on your Internet connection

11. Adobe DC will open when it's finished installing. It should be already logged into your account. If not, you can do that at the top right.