I'm getting a Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer error.

This could be a plethora of issues:

  • Computer is not on.
  • The Computer has lost connection to the internet (Ethernet could have been pulled).
  • You may not have permission to be a remote user
  • Remote access is not enabled
  • You are off campus and Pulse Secure is not active

The best course of action (if you know that the computer is ON,connected to the internet) is to submit a ticket giving us the name of the computer and your EID and we will check permissions.

I need permission to remote into a desktop.

Submit a Service Request under Remote access to office/lab computer.

I'm using the correct username and password but it still wont let me log into my machine.

You may need to specify the engineering domain try these for the username:

  • ENGR_DOM\username
  • engr.colostate.edu\usernameĀ